Amazon Compatible Emojis

Listing Emojis for Amazon Private Label Sellers. Click an emoji to copy it then paste in your listing titles, features, description or follow up emails!

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Most copied

white heavy check markheavy check markwhite medium starballot box with checkwhite right pointing backhand indexwrapped presentthumbs up signhundred points symbolseedlingblack heart suitsmiling face with heart-shaped eyesfireflexed bicepsheavy black heartcollision symbolelectric light bulbblack universal recycling symbolsun with facesmiling face with sunglassesgem stone

People & Faces Emoji

Various face & people related emoji

white right pointing backhand indexthumbs up signsmiling face with heart-shaped eyesflexed bicepssmiling face with sunglassesperson with folded handsok hand signsmiling face with smiling eyesfather christmasbabywinking facecrowngrinning faceface screaming in fearwhite left pointing backhand indexvictory handkiss markwhite smiling faceschool satchelwhite down pointing backhand indexbriefcaseperson raising both hands in celebrationdancerslightly smiling faceface savouring delicious foodsleeping symbolwriting handfamilyman and woman holding handsraised hand with fingers splayeddresseyeswhite up pointing indexsmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesringeyesmiling cat face with heart-shaped eyesclapping hands signgirlhandbagboysmiling cat face with open mouthinformation desk persont-shirtface with tears of joyfootprintswaving hand signface massagerunnerrelieved facewomanghostlipstickprincesssleeping facenail polishreversed hand with middle finger extendedsleuth or spygrinning cat face with smiling eyeswhite up pointing backhand indexgraduation capathletic shoesmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyestongueface with medical masksmiling face with halosmiling face with open mouthface with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyestwo women holding handswomans bootsnecktiespeaking head in silhouettebikiniwomans clotheshigh-heeled shoefisted hand signastonished faceraised handpouchwomans sandalgrimacing facecrying facehappy person raising one handeyeglassesbaby angelwoman with bunny earsjeanssmiling face with hornskimonohelmet with white crosscat face with wry smileopen hands signsmirking facekissperson with blond hairimptop hatdark sunglassesthumbs down signcouple with heartface with stuck-out tongue and winking eyepile of pooface throwing a kissface with ok gestureclosed umbrellagrinning face with smiling eyesface with stuck-out tongueface with cold sweatperson bowing deeplywhite frowning faceskullraised fistkissing cat face with closed eyesmans shoeloudly crying faceextraterrestrial alienbusts in silhouettesmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatface with no good gesturedisappointed but relieved faceraised hand with part between middle and ring fingersearnoseolder womanpedestrianwomans hatpursetwo men holding handsdizzy facemouthconfused faceface with look of triumphjapanese ogrebride with veilpouting faceolder manweary facecat face with tears of joyconfounded faceperson with pouting faceflushed faceface with open mouthconstruction workerhaircutjapanese goblinbust in silhouettepolice officerpouting cat facemankissing face with closed eyespersevering faceman with turbanguardsmantired facefearful faceman with gua pi maoneutral faceunamused faceworried faceweary cat faceslightly frowning faceexpressionless facedisappointed faceface with open mouth and cold sweathushed faceanguished facekissing face with smiling eyespensive facefrowning face with open mouthcrying cat faceangry facesleepy faceperson frowningface without mouthkissing face

Animals & Nature Emoji

Various animal & nature related emoji

white medium starseedlingfirecollision symbolsun with facesparklessplashing sweat symbolherbglowing starfour leaf cloverdog facedropletdeciduous treehibiscushigh voltage signblack sun with raysdogdizzy symbolshamrocksnowflakeearth globe americasearth globe europe-africatuliproseevergreen treechristmas treewater wavecherry blossompalm treehoneybeecat faceleaf fluttering in windbouquetsunflowerear of ricecloudtanabata treeblossomrabbit facedolphincometearth globe asia-australiahamster facepaw printscatcrescent moonmaple leaffishspouting whalecactusrabbitsnowman without snowsnowmanturtledash symbolmonkey facepanda facebear facefogelephantsun behind cloudhatching chickjack-o-lanternfallen leafmonkeycloud with raintropical fishdragon facemushroomcloud with tornadocrocodilewind blowing faceoctopusbugbaby chickhorsebirdkoalasee-no-evil monkeytigerfront-facing baby chickumbrellacloud with snowspider webwolf facepenguinumbrella with rain dropstiger faceroostersnailsheephorse facewhalewhite sun behind cloud with rainnew moon symbolspidersnakefrog facedragonwhite sun with small cloudpoodlespeak-no-evil monkeyoxpig facefirst quarter moon symbolcow facelady beetlecowdromedary camelwaxing crescent moon symbolleopardfull moon symbolthunder cloud and rainpine decorationnew moon with facemouse facedove of peaceratchipmunkfirst quarter moon with facewaning gibbous moon symbolfull moon with facepighear-no-evil monkeyramwhite sun behind cloudlast quarter moon with faceantbactrian camelgoatwaxing gibbous moon symbolmousespiral shelllast quarter moon symbolchickenchestnutpig noseblowfishcloud with lightningboarwater buffalowaning crescent moon symbol

Food & Drink Emoji

Various food & drink related emoji

hot beveragefork and knifefork and knife with platewine glassbottle with popping corkstrawberrypot of foodtropical drinktangerinelemoncherriesred applebirthday cakehot peppershortcakebeer mugteacup without handlegreen applegrapesbaby bottleslice of pizzabreadcookiechocolate barpineapplecocktail glasssake bottle and cupcookingwatermelontomatopeachpoultry legspaghettitacocooked riceclinking beer mugshamburgercheese wedgecurry and ricebananadoughnutcandybento boxshaved icehoney potear of maizefrench friesmeat on bonesteaming bowlpearauberginelollipopsushihot dogfish cake with swirl designsoft ice creamburritoice creampopcorndangorice crackermelonrice ballroasted sweet potatofried shrimpcustardoden

Activity & Sport Emoji

Various activity & sport related emoji

trophysports medalweight lifterrosetteartist palettedirect hitsoccer ballbicyclistmilitary medalvideo gamemusical scoreman in business suit levitatingbasketball and hoopmountain bicyclistheadphoneamerican footballswimmersurferbaseballflag in holebathperson with ballgolferguitarmicrophonefishing pole and fishperforming artsrowboatgame diereminder ribbonslot machinetennis racquet and ballbow and arrowalien monstervolleyballhorse racingclapper boardcricket bat and ballskierice hockey stick and puckbilliardssnowboardermusical keyboardtable tennis paddle and balladmission ticketsrunning shirt with sashviolinbowlingski and ski bootcircus tentrugby footballticketice skatetrumpetsaxophonefield hockey stick and ballbadminton racquet

Travel & Places Emoji

Various travel & place related emoji

rainbowfireworksrocketairplaneautomobileshooting stardelivery truckairplane departurecampingbeach with umbrellatentfirework sparklerhouse buildingpolice cars revolving lightrecreational vehiclesunrise over mountainsdesert islandmountainracing motorcyclehouse with gardenoncoming automobiletractorsunrisesmall airplanechequered flagarticulated lorryracing carstatue of libertybicyclenight with starsanchorairplane arrivingdepartment storemilky waysnow capped mountainminibuspolice carmount fujibridge at nightfire engineschoolroller coasterhouse buildingsambulancenational parkvertical traffic lightbuilding constructiondesertcityscapemotorwaypassenger shipkaabasailboatspeedboathorizontal traffic lightweddinghelicoptersilhouette of japanoncoming police carsatellitevolcanotaxisteam locomotivetokyo towerconstruction signeuropean castlejapanese castlederelict house buildingferris wheeloncoming taxishiprailway trackchurchbushospitalshinto shrinelove hotelmosquestationsunset over buildingsmotorboatcarousel horsehotelclassical buildingfuel pumpcityscape at dusksynagoguehigh-speed trainmetroferryfactorybankoffice buildinghigh-speed train with bullet nosemoon viewing ceremonyjapanese post officeoncoming bustram cartrainseateuropean post officeconvenience storemountain railwayfountainaerial tramwaybus stopfoggyrailway carmonoraillight railtramstadiumtrolleybusmountain cablewaysuspension railway

Objects & Media Emoji

Various media related emoji

wrapped presentelectric light bulbgem stoneparty popperpackageribbonstraight rulerpushpinhammer and wrenchtriangular rulermoney bagbanknote with dollar signpencilmobile phonechart with upwards trendwrenchshieldhammer and pickconfetti ballballoonbooksstopwatchtriangular flag on postround pushpinclipboardhammergearmemocamera with flashalarm clockmoney with wingspersonal computerbookmarkmobile phone with rightwards arrow at leftbatteryelectric plugshopping bagsopen bookshowerclosed booklabelright-pointing magnifying glasselectric torchcrystal ballbedlower left paintbrushcamerasleeping accommodationleft-pointing magnifying glasspilllockblack scissorslower left ballpoint pentelephone receiverhochoold keywatchblue bookclosed lock with keylower left crayonlove letternotebookledgertelevisionenvelope with downwards arrow abovescalesgreen bookorange bookbar chartthermometerworld mapmovie camerainbox trayenvelopenotebook with decorative coverframe with picturecredit cardcalendarcrossed swordslower left fountain pentear-off calendarfile folderblack telephonepostboxskull and crossbonespaperclippistollinked paperclipsumbrella on groundscrollvideo camerajapanese dollsmicroscopechart with downwards trendtoiletlink symbolcandlebombblack nibhourglass with flowing sandspiral calendar padkeyboardfilm projectorlevel sliderspiral note paddvdstudio microphonetimer clockbookmark tabswastebasketopen lockdesktop computerclosed mailbox with raised flagcard file boxfile cabinetprinterjoystickchainsalembiccouch and lampe-mail symbolcard index dividerssyringebathtubincoming envelopepage facing uplock with ink penbanknote with euro signopen file folderprayer beadspage with curlthree button mousehourglasssatellite antennacontrol knobsmantlepiece clockdoorclosed mailbox with lowered flagdagger knifebellhop bellpicknut and boltkeyoutbox trayoptical disctrackballcarp streamerizakaya lanternpagerbanknote with pound signamphoramoyainewspapercoffinfilm framescompressionoil drumfuneral urntelescopeopen mailbox with raised flagballot box with ballotfloppy disksmoking symbolbarber poleopen mailbox with lowered flagpostal horncard indexwaving white flagbanknote with yen signcrossed flagsrolled-up newspaperwaving black flagminidiscfax machineradioholewind chimevideocassette

Symbols Emoji

Various symbol emoji

white heavy check markheavy check markballot box with checkhundred points symbolblack heart suitheavy black heartblack universal recycling symboltwo heartsheavy exclamation mark symbolblack rightwards arrowwarning signheart with ribbontop with upwards arrow abovesparkling heartdouble exclamation marksmall blue diamondgreen heartcross markbeating heartpurple heartblack right-pointing triangleheart decorationpublic address loudspeakerlarge blue diamondyellow heartblue heartjapanese symbol for beginnereight spoked asterisksmall orange diamondlarge blue circlelarge red circlerevolving heartssquared newblack small squaresquared coolsquared freeblack diamond suitblack circle for recordgrowing hearteight pointed black starhigh brightness symbollarge orange diamondno entry signmedium black circleatom symbolspeaker with three sound wavesheavy plus signblack question mark ornamentheavy dollar signcyclonelow brightness symbolblack right-pointing double triangleup-pointing red triangleheavy minus signinformation sourcehot springsheavy heart exclamation mark ornamentnegative squared cross markyin yangpeace symbolright anger bubbleblack medium small squaredownwards black arrowheavy large circlecheering megaphoneanticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsno entrymultiple musical notesblack medium squareradioactive signsparkleregistered signwhite flowerexclamation question markblack large squareheart with arrowsquared okwhite exclamation mark ornamentglobe with meridiansmusical notetrade mark signfleur-de-lisblack left-pointing triangleanger symbolwheel of dharmastar of davidblack right-pointing double triangle with vertical barupwards black arrowspeaker with one sound wavedown-pointing red trianglebellclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsblack spade suitmedium white circleclockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowssquared sosleft right arrowsoon with rightwards arrow aboveradio buttonantenna with barsstar and crescentname badgesquared up with exclamation markleftwards black arrownorth east arrowom symbolblack square buttonspeaker with cancellation strokespeech balloonplaying card black jokerbiohazard signwavy dashdown-pointing small red triangleblack club suitlatin crossblack right-pointing double triangle with double vertical barspeakerrestroomwhite small squaretrident emblemwhite medium small squarewhite square buttonwhite question mark ornamentblack down-pointing double trianglewhite large squaresix pointed star with middle dotdouble vertical barnegative squared latin capital letter opart alternation markvibration modeheavy multiplication xon with exclamation mark with left right arrow abowhite medium squarethought ballooninput symbol for numbersrightwards arrow with hookblack square for stoptwisted rightwards arrowsup down arrowno one under eighteen symboldiamond shape with a dot insideclock face two oclocksouth east arrowwomens symbolarrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardsmens symbolbaby symbolup-pointing small red triangleinput symbol for latin capital letterscurly loopclock face three oclockcapricornnegative squared latin capital letter ano smoking symbolblack left-pointing double triangle with vertical barblack up-pointing double triangleflower playing cardscinemablack left-pointing double trianglecurrency exchangecopyright signclock face one oclockmenorah with nine branchessquared cjk unified ideograph-6e80automated teller machineleftwards arrow with hookback with leftwards arrow abovebroken heartbaggage claimmahjong tile red dragonclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlaysouth west arrowclock face four oclockclock face five oclockchildren crossingwater closetput litter in its place symbolnorth west arrowarrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardsclock face nine oclockclock face ten oclocksquared cjk unified ideograph-7981negative squared latin capital letter ppotable water symbolkeycap tenbell with cancellation strokeclock face eight oclockclock face eleven oclockplace of worshipvirgoscorpiusaquariuscircled ideograph congratulationno pedestriansno mobile phoneswheelchair symbolinput symbol for latin small lettersariesleolibrasquared cjk unified ideograph-55b6circled ideograph secretdouble curly loopcustomsinput symbol for latin lettersinput symbol for symbolsclock face six oclockclock face seven oclockclock face twelve oclockclock face one-thirtyclock face two-thirtyclock face ten-thirtyorthodox crossophiuchuscancersagittariuspiscessquared cjk unified ideograph-5272mobile phone offsquared vscircled ideograph acceptnegative squared latin capital letter bsquared cjk unified ideograph-6307passport controlleft luggageend with leftwards arrow aboveclock face three-thirtyclock face nine-thirtyclock face twelve-thirtytaurusgeminisquared idsquared cjk unified ideograph-7a7asquared cjk unified ideograph-6709squared cjk unified ideograph-5408negative squared absquared cldo not litter symbolno bicyclesnon-potable water symbolcircled latin capital letter msquared katakana sasquared katakana kokosquared ngheavy division signclock face seven-thirtyclock face eight-thirtyclock face eleven-thirtysquared cjk unified ideograph-7121squared cjk unified ideograph-7533squared cjk unified ideograph-6708circled ideograph advantagechart with upwards trend and yen signclock face four-thirtyclock face five-thirtyclock face six-thirty
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